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Welcome to Jenny's web site! 

      Freyja's Rain


  "Outrageous!" out now on iTunes !

A fantastic blues and roots record from

Jenny's original band Freyja's Rain!

Read a great review of the album in BMA !


  •  Jenny's duo Jen & Jim (formerly UltraViolet) play regularly around town! Check out their FaceBook page, their YouTube page and the Jen & Jim page for details.
  • Jenny teaches singing privately in Macquarie and at Canberra Girls Grammar Senior School. Unfortunately Jenny is currently not accepting new students and will be going on maternity leave in November 2016 until August 2017. 

  • Jenny's original blues and roots band Freyja's Rain released their last record "Outrageous" in September 2012!
  • Check Freyja's Rain out on YouTube! 

About Jenny

Jenny is a Canberra-based singer and singing teacher. She sings professionally as a soloist and in originals band Freyja's Rain and blues/pop duo Jen & Jim (formerly UltraViolet).

Her musical abilities extend to arranging and composing music, and playing the piano, cello and guitar.



Jenny teaches singing privately in Macquarie.

Please email or call her to enquire about lessons.

Jenny graduated in July 2004 from a Bachelor of Music with first class honours. Her degree was undertaken at the School of Music,

Image: Jenny performing

Australian National University, Canberra. Her major was musicology and she studied classical voice with Susan Ellis as a complementary study. Her final year honours thesis, supervised by Dr

Stephen Wild, was entitled Voice Analysis in Ethnomusicology: De-Mystifying Bulgarian singing. She plans to continue further research in this area in the form of a Masters or PhD.

As a musician Jenny plans to be involved in a wide range of musical activities throughout her career, including singing teaching, conducting, performing classical and contemporary music, composing and ethnomusicological research.

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Contact details                     

Jenny Sawer

ABN: 16 978 132 645

Phone: 0403 516 554







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