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Adele is gifted young Brittish singer/songwriter with a unique voice. She has really influenced my singing and songwriting and everyone should by her album "19".

Annie Lennox
An incredible Scottish soul/blues/rock singer. Her latest album "Songs of Mass Destruction" is one of my favourite albums of all time.

Bic Runga
Bic has the sweetest most gentle voice and is a fantastic song writer. I only got into Bic in the last year or so, and I'm hooked!

Ella Fitzgerald
Ella is timeless. She's groovy, cool, classy, passionate, angry, sad, joyful. She's amazing and I love her.

People say I sound like Katie Noonan! What a compliment! Must be because we're both classically trained but love singing contemporary music as well - particularly jazz.

Kathleen Battle, Maria Callas, Renee Fleming, Emma Kirkby and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf
Five of my favourite sopranos who are all very different but all have such discipline, grace, power and emotion in their fantastic voices.

Joni Mitchell
Joni must have influenced Tori, because they are very similar in the way they have soaring powerful voices that are sweet one moment and dark the next. I love the challenge of singing Joni songs. They're always fun!

Joss Stone
Joss is a young Brit soul singer with a big voice and an old-school sound which is really great.

KT Tunstall
KT is a great Brit Pop/blues singer who inspires me with her unique lyrics and arrangments of songs, not to mention her pretty yet tough voice!

Mia Dyson
Mia is an amazing Aussie Blues singer with a rich, deep, beautiful voice who sings from the heart.

Missy Higgins
Missy's voice is so rich, beautiful and flexible and she still manages to keep her sound Australian. She is also a brilliant pianist.
Jenny Sawer
Sinead O'Connor
Sinead is also a brilliant singer and poet and I absolutely adore Irish music. I adopt an Irish lilt on occasion in some of my songs, and I owe that partially to Sinead.

Tori Amos
Tori is an amzing singer, pianist and poet. She's an absolute genius and is one of my greatest influences vocally. Check her out and buy all her music!

The Waifs are excellent! Ever since I heard them back in about '97 I've been a fan. I particularly love Vicki's bluesy voice.

Women in Docs
Women in Docs are an excellent folk-crossover-country alternative act based in Brisbane. They have been compared to the Indigo Girls and The Waifs and write very uplifting, catchy songs, in a similar style to my band Freyja's Rain.

Associated groups

  • I am a member of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing. It is a fantastic resource for teachers and students and runs excellent conferences throughout the year.

  • Brindabella Hills Winery
  • Roger and Faye Harris' wine is superb and should be tried by everyone!

  • CAMRA is based at my beloved family church St Philips in O'Connor. The musical directors of CAMRA are my first fantastic inspirational singing teacher Patricia Whitbread and her husband Colin Forbes, a brilliant pianist. CAMRA produces musicals annually. Go and support them!

  • Charmed Vision Marketing
  • A fantastic company run by one of my students that deals with video/audio/graphics/website design as well as still images, presentations, slideshows and document preparation. Contact Harsha if you need any of these wonderful services!

  • Freeswimmers
  • freeswimmers is a Canberra based photography and cinematography studio, established by Belinda Pratten and Martin Helmreich in 2000. Thirty-one years combined industry experience allows us to approach any production brief with a professional and creative approach and as a result produce high quality moving and still, digital or film images.Film or digital, natural or professional lighting, freeswimmers brings energy and creative ideas to any brief...editorial, corporate, commercial, drama or documentary.

  • Journal of Ethnomusicology
  • An excellent resource for those interested in Ethnomusicology.

  • Moya Simpson and John Shortis
  • Moya and John started the "Out of the Shower" choir, which I directed from 2004-2007. It is based at the Tuggeranong Community Arts Centre. Moya and John are fantastic musicians who bring a lot of joy to community choirs in Canberra. I was very proud to be involved in this exciting project.
  • Nicole is a talented singer, singing teacher, conductor and pianist! If you are looking for a singing teacher, conductor or performer, please contact her!

  • Richard Miller
    The respected teacher and tenor Richard Miller has conducted in-depth research into the voice as an instrument. Teachers and singers just have to read all his books and watch his videos!

    Rocking Horse Music
    I was part of this excellent early-childhood music program from 2006-2008. It is so crucial for children to be exposed to good quality music and be involved in active music making. Rocking Horse Music is unique in Canberra and I recommend the program to any parents looking for music classes for their children.

    I sang with the ANU Choral Society (SCUNA) from age 15 to 24 and had the privilege of singing solo roles at several concerts. We had some great reviews which you can read on their site.

    Sharon Tree - Singing Teacher
    Sharon is a friend, colleague and exceptional singing teacher.
    Please have a look at her website and keep her in mind if you would like some singing lessons!

    I have sung with Judy Clingan's choir "Wayfarers" in several different productions. They are a fantastic group who sing interesting and varied works from the 12th century to the noughties. Join them or go and see them!

    Wesley Uniting Church
    I was a soprano scholar at Wesley where there is a thriving music program for people of all ages. The Wesley choir is of a very high standard and I continue to have solo opportunities through my participation with this choir, for which I am thankful!

    Brian is a dear old friend from Melbourne who has an entertaining way with words and lives an interesting life. Check his site out!
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